Quarter 3 2016

That’s how slow my posts are taking. ^^^

They’re becoming titled by their respective year and quarter. Total slowpoke me. Full time job`ll do that.

First thing to blog about is this!


original source here

Silly meme I photoshopped on twitter to take the piss out of crappy videogame bloggers,  went on a little journey without my consent.



Look how many hits it went and got without me! I should have shoved a little signature on it somewhere. felt a bit odd stumbling upon this like a year later and see it had a life of its own.

Was working on a piece of Splatoon fanart for quite a while. And now here it is.

Full size image and some close ups.

The gag here being that the level is actually called camp triggerfish.

Still working on the new episode of legend of fail. I’m making a one shot opening animation, then gonna think of something a bit more achievable for the following episodes.

This one however, is going to be all four of the players walking across a early morning hill, similar to the opening of Ocarina of time. Here’s the animations so far.


Animating something other then retro pixels for a change.

Lastly, did a review for Starfox Zero. The game gets bashed a lot online, and I enjoyed the hell out of it so wanted to defend it.


Read it here on Crispysinger

Managed to earn a certificate from being above average at the game also.


That’s actually Miyamotos autograph!

That’s all for now! Hopefully new Legend of Fail ep shortly, and whatever doodles I can churn out in my little free time 🙂



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