Q4 2022

Long time no blog! First things first. Let’s get the big project out of the way. The damn asset pack.

Promo video for it.

So it’s as done as it’s ever going to be. After more frivolous rejections then I can count, I’ve decided to give up on getting it onto the Unity asset store. But I do have it hosted on



GameAssetsMarketplace – currently down 😦

Unreal Engine Marketplace


I am super keen to put it all behind me, it was a few years worth of work which sadly went nowhere. I’ll chalk it up to a lesson learned. Now onto something with a bit more levity.

The ultimo Linkedin shitpost!

Behold! My satirical meme video on the inhumanity of algorithm chat prompts. Had a lot of fun making this one. Caution: may contain cringe levels of absurdism.

A non-digital accomplishment I’d like to show off is the 2022 Dundee Kiltwalk! A gruelling charity endeavour. Peruse our gallery below.

We were woefully undertrained for it. Definitely the toughest thing I’ve ever done.

A charity sponsored event. Me & my friend Adam ended up raising £666 to support the homeless in Dundee.

I think we were the last to finish the event. Definitely running on fumes toward the end. Lost track of how many blisters we ended up accruing.

And a artistic activity of sorts, I finally got my long awaited Pikmin tattoo! Design drawn by myself, obviously inked by a professional tattooist.

The implication is, that they’re climbing up my leg hairs like I’m some kind of monster.

I have plans to get a Jojo tribute on my right arm in the upcoming month. Will be showing that off also.

I signed up for this years LD Gamejam. Ludum Dare 51 had the prompt “Every 10 seconds” and this is what we came up with.

Some symphonic rat action!

All relevant information is in the video breakdown, but to briefly summarise. We had a three person team this year (dubbed Sister Act: Stew) with me, Becca & Jane. It came out absolutely amazing and I legit feel we couldn’t have done a better job in the time allotted, super proud of our squad!

Click here for a playable browser version of the game.

72 hours of raw, creativity and potent programming distilled. Was a wee bit burned out for about a week afterwards.

We also have the Ludum Dare voting page still up for a few more days.

And speaking of Ludum Dare projects. There was a Ludum Dare 48 Gamejam we planned on showcasing back in the day but never got round to it. Well, I finally put in the effort to make a video detailing it.

Click here for a playable version in browser.

Initially we hoped to record a voiceover with all of the developers, basically espousing the statements in the video. But I feel this style is a good compromise. Quite hard to wrangle the whole crew into one location nowadays

And last but not least, is a gift birthday card I drew for one of my co-workers.

Can you guess how old he’s turning?

It’s chock a block of references and in-jokes. Take my word for it. He works in sales if that provides any worthwhile context.

Timelapse of it’s creation. Each phase was roughly a hours work.

I’m currently in the midst of setting up episode 21 of legend of fail. Compiling and aligning the audio and video. Need to brainstorm the opening animation. I have the raw material for episode 22 and am hoping to film more this Christmas. Me & Adam are also planning to do GameBlast 2022 in Feb (24 hours of streaming games for charity).

Other projects include, printing a new version of my Grandads war memoirs, webcomic idea, a live action video skit involving Jojo’s ashes and some Kramer fanart. (Yes I binged all of Seinfeld and have a massive affinity for him)


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