Q2 2022

It’s been near a year since I properly blogged. I haven’t worked on a huge amount in the previous year. My best friend Jojo passed away and it’s been rough trying to get back in the swing of things.

I’ll be showing stuff off here chronologically. First thing was a commemorative album cover I worked on with Jo’s brother Jack.

Experimenting with the base style. Jack wanted the more realistic/less stylized option.

Expanding on the lineart with different palettes and textures.

The final design. Proudly used as the artwork for Jacks tribute song “Drop In The Bucket
Click here to give it a listen.
Worked on a skateboard design with another one of Jo’s Bros. Dubbed the “Barron board”
I was tasked with doing a “Goodbye illustration” to adorn Jojo’s coffin with. It was made out of cardboard and I recreated this design with physical media. Chalk, paint, pens, pencils etc.
I plan to get this as a tattoo someday.

The rankings came in for the sweet lies gamejam we did. Our rankings are fairly good. In the top 1000 for a few categories. (Namely graphics which I’m super chuffed about)

A small business in Banff called “Market Crafts” had some work for me, I got to remake their logo in HD
I’ve had a silly meme video idea bouncing around in my head for years. It’s regarding the ending of “Dunston checks in”. An extremely esoteric reference, I know. Check out the video for a glimpse into my madness.

I’ve taken an extended hiatus from the “Variety asset project” as it was driving me mental. I did have it uploaded on some storefronts briefly. But I wanted to polish it further and add more content to it, as Unity rejected it yet again.

So instead, I’m putting together a “Linkedin” shitpost video. My and my pal Iain had been using Linkedin’s automated chat system to spam gibberish at one another, and I plan to recreate our garbled conversation in live action.

Editing is going well. It’s under 10 minutes compressed cringe.

Up on my personal facebook I made a bizzarro animation dubbed “Stew quest”. I’ll show off the two worthwhile arty bits from it.

It’s a little hard to describe the premise of it. Imagine a really indulgent Stew themed version of Brody quest
I get anxiety staring right at my own face like this. I cant imagine what it’s doing to you, poor reader.

Next blog post, I will 100% for super real have the asset project done. And the Linkedin shitpost video. And! I have footage for 2 more episodes of Legend of fail. Going to learn some new animation software for the openings. Here’s a sneak peek of the new camera quality.


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