4th Quarter 2016

Hello all! likely the last blog post for this year. First thing I wanna show off is the latest episode of Legend of Fail

Very stressful level this one. And we still haven’t finished it!

Last post I was showing off the progress of the opening animation, as you can see its fully done now. Not really pleased with it so I’m taking the next episode in a different direction. Here’s some gifs of it regardless.

bobby-link faisal-link stew-link swiss-link

I just had to choose one of the most awkward perspectives possible.

Wont be using the personalized version of the 4 swords Links anymore. They just reek of mary sue inserts and likely have been putting people off watching understandably. I’ll work with the Links as they are. Makes for a easier time since they have a established style already.

Happy to say that I’ve made some progress on the next incoming episode.


Gif is a looking a bit rough compressed. It’s dial-up friendly!

The new ending sequence is animated in time with the usual ending jingle I use. You’ll have to wait until it’s on YouTube to enjoy it fully.

I don’t actually have the episode itself recorded yet, it’s tricky juggling a time to wrangle all four of us on location. I have however created the new opening sequence. Here’s a peek.

blue-miss green-bite purple-escape red-cry

Less of a linear animated sequence and instead looping animations with transitioning text. This style is a lot faster to work with if I’m to be making a new sequence per episode. Plus for only having worked on it for 3 weeks it came out really nice.

final-baseBeen deliberating on the tattoo design for a long time now. But I feel I’m set on this one. Going for the colourful 90`s japan boxart aesthetic. Been working on a potential back idea also.

back-preview back_3needs a lot more work before I’m happy with it. Just a starting point for now.

As mentioned. That’s it for this year! next plan is to get Legend of fail recorded as soon as. Have to plop the cash down on some decent hardware though. that’s where Christmas funds come in handy!


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