Q1 2023

Merry new year randos and acquaintances. First things first, the results from the Ludum Dare 51 Gamejam.

I think these are good?

Reminder; this was for Accelerato. Which you can play here.

Next up, a collaborative piece between me and Mr Bacon Jam. Our crew played some Halloween games on stream, and we created a shitposty showcase video for it.

Various horror + horrible games from itch.io

Admittedly a bit of low effort fun. But! I do have something of merit to show off. A new episode of Legend of fail! and I got a handle on some new animation software for the opening. It’s a little stilted this time round, but I’m keen to animate part 22`s opening with more polish.

Swiss is the real MVP this episode.

And now for something a little bit different! A little/lot bit cringe, a bit 2000`s. I made a Sonic AMV of sorts.

It’s gone mildly viral of sorts. At the time of posting it’s over 7000 views, making it the most popular video on my Youtube channel.

Sonic Frontiers is a banger of a game with a dope soundtrack, and I’d always wanted to try making something like this. I’m very happy with how it came out and cant wait to do the second boss fight with some newer video editing software.

I was lucky enough to land a commission in time for Christmas.

Witches + Cat was the general prompt.

And that’s a wrap! for 2023 I have a giftart in the pipeline, a commission, Legend of fail episode 22 and god knows what else. Wish me luck!


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