Q2 2023

2 blog posts this year so far! Let’s hope I can keep up this pace.

Going in chronological order, first up is a piece of giftart I did for my co-worker leaving.

Onto greener pastures!

Lots and lots of easter eggs an in-jokes packed into this one. Here’s a gif of the progress of it.

Hadn’t drawn Pokémon since I was about 10. Was fun!

On the tattoo front, I finally got my Jojo commemorative tattoo done on my arm.

Now that there’s two of us that have a Jo tattoo each, it’s starting to feel less like a wholesome tribute and more like a cult.

Legend of fail is now up to it’s 22nd episode and 12th year of progress.

Pretty ambitious opening animation for my standards.

Sadly I am now out of footage to work with, will need to summon the troops for another recording sometime this year.

and last for now, is my latest cosplay effort. Dr Robotnik! in his cinematic style from the second Sonic movie.

After inhaling copious amounts of moustache glue, my IQ count is now in the negatives.

Deecon 2023 was a fun time. And what was even more fun was coming first in the pub quiz. I guess larping as a genius can give you an edge!

Next up on the to-do list is create another Sonic Frontiers AMV, get some legend of fail recorded, and whatever compulsive brainfart spawns from my conscious. Ciao!


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