Articles, Tattoo ideas & Fishies.

As the title imples, been doing a lot of tattoo idea sketchs. Now I actually have a disposable income, I figure the best way to use it is by vandalising my flesh, duh.

Been wanting a Screwattack motif forever (Metroid is one of the all time greats, I even love Other M) but really like the Chozo. Their mythology and variety of designs make them so mysterious and alien. ~ as is the point.

chozo finalPlain lineart. lots of inspiration taken from Samus’s armour for the eagle eyed.

chozo final colour

Possible colour. Not 100% on the blue glow but I do want the Screwattack that way.

I like the idea of getting it on my right arm. The Screwattack icon is like some kind of symbol for power. It will look nice upon my noodley appendage!

On my left arm, was thinking about some kind of Hyrulian iconography. Initially just the triforce with the wing crest, but it seemed kinda plain so I made a custom Hyrulian shield design with a few ideas taken from various entries.

triforce final

Black squares from Twilight Princess. Heart design from Skyward Sword. No Wind Waker designs in this one, styles a bit disparate.

Wind Waker is still my favorite Zelda by far, so that might make the cut for a ink somewhere, we shall see. possible wee Link roaming around on the leg region.

Getting a bit ahead of myself however, I still need the Sonic on my chest filled.

sonic final

He`s looking kinda plain on his own, so some generations iconography wouldn’t go amiss.

Okay! enough tats. But I do have one more Sonic thing to share.


Click on the image/this text to read the article

Lot of rumors flying around regarding Sonic’s 25th anniversary so I whipped up a speculative article discussing what information we have so far.

Created another article on Splatoon. Just a celebratory piece praising the final boss.


Dat final boss. Elevates the single player by its mere inclusion.

Two very positive articles. Of course, followed by a bad one. Nintendo’s flawed localization of Xenoblade Chronicles X.


Some glaring flaws, but it’s still a highly playable title.

And now followed by a fluffy joke article.


Loving the multiplayer in this game.

Did some art for another article by Jojo.


Duality! so deep!

2 more articles are in production, here’s a sneak peek at the art for them.


Kotaku bashing. It’s just too easy.

Jordan certainly has some bones to pick with them.

And here’s another equally as inflammatory/controversial writeup from Jojo.

mario out

Just. Don’t even ask.

Onto something else. I redid the logo for Bobby’s Youtube channel.


Content is still solid. Check them out.

Jojo has been doing some wicked sketches, so I took it upon myself to photoshop them and give them the polish they deserve.


Scathing! Somebody should mod this in.

He also did a really random (but full of character) sketch of some cartoon fishies. Went ahead and photoshooped it.


That starfish looks like a bit of a creeper. Watch yourselves.

When googling for manatee versions of superheroes (Don’t ask) I’ve never been able to see a Judge Dredd version. So I took it upon myself to create one.

manatee render copy

This got retweeted by the official Judge Dredd twitter! I was so chuffed 🙂

Another chap joined the CrispySinger team. Youtuber by the name of SickVeins. Here’s his avatar for the site.


Click through for his Youtube channel.

That’s everything for now! Still need to remake the Legend of Fail opening, improve the bowiecube opening and various other bits and bobs. Mostly fanart and articles. busybusy.


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