Much Crispyness

Just like last time, mostly articles. The art took a backseat. My graphics tablet had been bammy since I upgraded my operating system, plus i had warped the plastic shielding on it by placing a cup of coffee on it. Was time for it to go.

Thankfully! I got a swish new one for Christmas. The first piece of art i churned out is a Pikmin doodley.

pikminThinking about getting these cheeky devils tattooed on my lower leg, make it look like they’re climbing me.

Not only is it wireless but it also fits perfectly onto my desk so I’m dead chuffed.

I tell ya one thing which hasn’t `chuffed` me in recent months. Vidyagames. Had lots of bad happenings to write about unfortunately.

Here’s some positivity first however. Reviews! Galaxy Force 2 for the 3DS Eshop is a fantastic port of the original arcade title.

galaxy force review.jpgClick on this text or the image to be taken to the review page.

Also did a review for Olli Olli on the 3DS Eshop. Had a lot of time for handheld gaming on my work commute clearly.

thumbnail-1024x578.pngClick through to discover the revelation that, I really enjoyed it.

Did a review of sorts/ Well, as best as you can do with a early access title. A PC horror title on steam titled Layers of fear.

layers of fear reviewAlso really good.

Been planning a Kid Icarus Uprising review forever (that games a 10 for me) so that`s likely next. I did a preview piece for the newest multiplayer Zelda title Tri Force Heroes.

tri force heroes review.pngNothing will ever top 4 swords adventures for me. But this is still a brilliant game.

Speaking of Tri Force Heroes. Nintendo had a slight fuckup regarding the games localization which i wrote about.

memes nintendoThere’s something going awry internally at Nintendo as of late.

The Nintendo bashing continues with a piece about their mishandling of the Japanese export Fatal Frame, or Project Zero as it’s known in the UK.

cover-image-1024x578.jpgIf only Fatal Frame 3 had been released in English. Shame it never got taken in under the Operation Rainfall activism.

There was yet even more censorship and gender focused alterations in the Xenoblade Chronicles X release.

title-image-1024x578.pngNintendo Are mistakenly under the impression that prudish crybabies represent their audience.

One small nugget of NIntendo positivity however, I spitball and theorize about the design of the upcoming Zelda Wii U release.

zelda wii uExtremely excited for this game.

Hopefully 2016 goes a little better for videogames. These past few years have been a bit of a mess. SO much so that I’m writing articles all of a sudden!



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