Lots of blah

Since starting work I’ve had precious little time for art & animation things. I think it’s been a few months since the last update so time for a big content dump!

First up, I made a new background for the crispy singer website

background controllers2

The two variations usedbackground controllers3

I’m quite partial to the blue one

You can of course see it in it’s full intended glory on the site.

I got the review for splatoon all typed up. You can read it here

splatoon-reviewIt’s sadly quite of date now, since the game has had a heap of DLC come out. enough to write a second review on.

I decided to continue my Neo-Retro research and host it on the crispy site. If you read any of my uni work you’ll know that Neo-Retroism is the explorism of retro styled mechanics and visuals innovated with modern technology.

My opening article on the subject can be read here.

And my first game to be subjected to my absurdly specific critique is Mutant Mudds.

mutant mudds textless

Click here for the article. This game came out shortly after i had done all my research in uni. Almost meant to have a look at it.

Another article i wrote, a bit of a gag/filler one was a `embarrassing gaming story` where i lament poor purchasing choices and learn a painful lesson about keeping your hype levels in check.

click here to read “are you taking the (epic) mickey”

Two new contributors joined the crispysinger network so i whipped up some profile pictures for them in the established style.

swissSwiss. PC game enthusiast. Still waiting on his review mind you.

aliAli, ringleader of the Mallo Mallow gang.

Wrote another article on my views on DLC. particulary free DLC and the witcher devs statements regarding it.

Did a ranty piece expressing my frustration at Konami’s mishandling of Metal Gear 5’s launch. The game itself is fantastic now that I’ve sank 50+ hours into it (still holding out a verdict on the ending) but Konami couldn’t launch a paper airplane.

Spark the electric jester is a game I’ve been following for a while. They did a kickstarter to accumulate funds for the soundtrack so I made a post promoting them.

The Mallo Mallow team acquired a new member recently and I made a new character animation to put in the intro sequence.

There’s yet another member joined aswell. more animating to be done 🙂

luke-progress-1 luke-progress-3 luke-progress-4The work in progress gifs.

And lastly, my most recent article. A Neo-Retro examination of Sonic 4 episode 1. It doesn’t get off lightly, There’s a fair amount to critique within this style.


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