3D Production Design year 2

just as the last post i`ll only be making one blog for this subject. it wasn’t for lack of research or development however,just my own lack of dedication to the blog and the fact i`m not as satisfied with my creations for this module.

for this subject we were tasked with creating three 3D objects,within a polygon limit and fully textured.a vehicle,character and a environment.

this course lasted the entirety of the year but for the first semester we had nothing but lectures. the reason for this being that the tutor wanted us to get acquainted with the tools and program before we dive headfirst into making our models. it was a good idea in theory but it was poorly executed thanks to the brevity and speed of the lectures and the total lack of resources up on the university portal 😦 therefore had to bug classmates a lot for help on this class.


for my vehicle i chose a hover-board.i`ve always been fascinated by the ones depicted in movies and video-games and cant wait until they become a thing of reality,hopefully in my lifetime 😀 by far this model had the most development and research behind it.initially i had inspirations from fish for the shape and color of the vehicle. in particular piranha,viper and razorback. in the end i went with viper since it seemed more speedy whereas the other names sound kind of aggressive.i also had inspirations from a plethora of media (sonic riders series,airblade and back to the future)  i created pages and pages of original shape ideas but there were only two color schemes i was choosing between, blue&Grey and orange&Grey. the blue one won out since i thought the orange one was too bold.i also created a lot of schematics and design documents detailing how to drive the thing and how the engines work but this was irrelevant to the coursework.it`s less then 15,000 polygons by quite a lot i remember. about less then half of that.

y-fronts man

yes i brought him out again for this. i figured since he was such a simple design he would be easiest to make in 3d. however character creation is by far the hardest thing i`ve had to do in 3d yet,none of the preset shapes even remotely resemble humanoid body parts and it`s painstaking to model them into the desired proportions. definitely need to work harder on this aspect. for translating him into the 3d realm i looked a lot at the incredibles as this would have been a perfect style for y-fronts man. a cross between Mr freeze and Mr incredible is what i was going for in terms of body shape.  the first version i made was a very boring pose which looked like he was waiting to be rigged, later on the tutor then told us he`d prefer the characters to be in dynamic poses since they wont be animated so i went back and remade him in a way a little more fitting of y-fronts man.

since i was so under the polygon limit(10,000) i decided to include a scene. a stylistic cityscape where he could be chasing after a criminal and tripping up on his own cape.

bio-mechanical environment

my environment was inspired mainly by metroid, but the main design theory was to made a blend between a organic and mechanical environment. also i wanted it to be viewed in multiple perspectives. first person and 2.5d. there are details which can only be seen in one view or the other. the first room is a all natural forest scene with very little mechanical details,just the building and the camera. inside the room is all mechanical and metal with various atmospheric effect to create a sense of foreboding like smoke and glowing ooze along with the computers. the third room is a bio-mechanical blend, the floor has metallic veins and the brain is hooked up to lots of machinery with lots of computer screens observing the entire area. initially this entire scene had more then 30,000 polygons and then i realized the limit was 5000. i managed to lower it and it surprisingly ended up looking even better,hooray for optimization!

it was during this module i finally learned how to texture 3d objects something iv`e been eager to learn for a long time so i could put my photoshop skills into a 3d environment. the biggest surprise i found however was how badly my 2d assets translated into the 3d realm. i`m used to faking depth in a 2d drawing and when its imported into a 3d scene it tends to look quite odd. a small obstacle i had to overcome.


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