Time Based Narrative year 2

second year is all over 😀 now to update this blog, i`ve been far too busy with work to do so.

i only have this one blog entry for time based narrative since it was a pretty low substance module. (that and I didn’t do most of the work for it untill it was pretty late in the year) we had to create an intro sequence for a movie (a movie which doesn’t exist,something we were allowed to conceptualize) and this intro has to capture the feel and style of what the full product would be like. right from the beginning i had a concept, i figured since i live in Dundee which is probably the gayest city in the whole of the UK i would have a large target audience if i based my movie on them. so my film is about the world through the eyes of the gayest,most flamboyant and bubbly homosexual in all of Dundee, who just happens to smoke a lot ergo i named the movie “Fags” the queer lovechild of “zoolander” and “sex and the city” (quite a horrible thought for anyone with any taste in movies ><)

now obviously for political correctness sake i should assure you all the movie is named so because the main character smokes a lot and it is NOT a dig at his sexuality 🙂 it’s a humourous double entendre if you will.

like most movie intro`s it is composed of brief snippets of footage interspersed with titles and mine abides by this structure. there is quick cuts of the character prancing about,enjoying his hobbies etc and then a cartoonised sequence with a cast members name and then back to the character and so forth.

in the beginning i had double the amount of ideas for the character scenes and title scenes but only so many were feasible with my paltry budget (paypal link at the bottom 😉 lol) i had to borrow a friends camera and despite the huge sticker plastered on the side of it, it did not record in high-definition which is unfortunate. some post editing managed to salvage the footage though,contrast adjustment and quick cuts help keep the focus away from the video quality.

initially i wanted the titles to be a lot more animated,akin to the pink panther title sequence. however do to my own folly i had nowhere near enough time left to implement this so i did  a compromise with cartoonised frames and tacky transitions. luckily though tacky fits the theme.for the actualt title sequences names are photoshopoped onto things such as wine bottles,cosmetics and ciggerette smoke. and the footage of the charector comprises of actions such as drinking wine with friends,housework and reading twilight in a bubble bath.

the one thing im most proud of is the choice of song. it really ties the whole thing together really well and saves it from being the total mess i thought it would 🙂 it was quite a stroke of luck,my computer had recently been formatted and i had no music on my hard drive at all apart from the kick ass soundtrack and this was on it.as fun as this was to make,i doubt fags is a film i would want to see haha,would you?


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