Summer Holidays 2010

woohoo! second year of university is all over 😀 I worked my ass off for the duration of it ,and im looking forward to doing the exact same in third year.  the grades are in too

charector animation = A! my first ever A! dead chuffed 😀 heres a quote from the tutor
An excellent portfolio showing a clear thought process through the large quantity of sketchbook work – fantastic work.  Good attendance.

Flour Sack – great to see the way in which all the work has been documented and thought through. Some very nice preparatory sketches, although the sack looks a bit chicken-like in some poses!  The action is well considered and thought through. Good storyboard – a tricky story to tell from one camera angle but Stewart did well and the story is clear. Excellent use of layout and dope sheet. Animatic is good, and animation shows some very well observed and executed pieces of movement, with a clear sense of emotion as well.  Excellent work.

Character Development – good research into characters. Script is good but Stewart should note that this is not the correct script format for future info – do some research into current UK formal scriptwriting formats.  Very good character design development. Good model sheet, although drawings should be the same size as each other for comparison. Lots of drawing here, some very good action drawings showing the dynamics of the movement, as well as the emotion of the character – great work. A really humorous, interesting and believable character has been developed – well done!  Would have been good to see some more evidence of research and reference images for the character and the background, from which these ideas have been developed. Good, clear storyboard. Excellent animatic, showing a great sense of comic timing and storytelling.  Would have been good to try some other camera angles to set the scene and build up suspense, but the piece works well as it is.

Sharon White

i got four B`s. one for digital media context,2 for entertainment design and another for time based narrative.

for the group project,we had this one meeting with the two head tutors of the module and we had to demonstrate our game in front of them and explain the development process and other things relating to it. it was in a big lecture hall meaning anyone could come in watch peoples presentations,i had been in there from the first group up untill my one which was about 5 hours. i`m glad to say our game was nowhere near the worst =) i had fears that our group was dangerously behind but turns out there were people a lot worse of then us,(some of the groups were swearing at each other for lack of effort over the year 😮 was quite shocking to say the least)and their poor performances helped caress my ego and any doubts i may have had about our own group 😀 here is a link to the final game

i got a C for 3D (perhaps neglected this module slightly,spent more of my time on the other subjects and wasted too much time trying to learn full mapping)and a D for life drawing

overall, im very pleased with my grades,4 B`s is nothing to scoff at.

since i dont have a job over the holidays ive gotten into the habit of drawing birthday gifts instead of shelling precious currency for friends *i am called stew the jew for a reason 😉

my good friend iain (check out his blog) had his 24th this week so i made him a drawing of two of his awesome charecters

the highlighting trick iv`e used on the characters was a style stolen from the sonic adventure artwork. i imagine iain will kill me if he ever finds out ha.

and in news totally unrelated to work (it`s my blog,i can put up whatever i want :P) my parents got married! they`ve been together forever,long before i was even was a beautiful day up at banff castle and we had an incredible meal up at banff springs with a few hundred people. and thankfully i didnt have to give a speech what else could i say apart from “about time!” or “ahh i still remember the first time i met hazel and denis,i was just fresh out of the maternity ward…”peace out everyone! 😀 have a kick ass summer!


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