1st quarter 2017

Wow No blog posts for a few months, because I’ve been far too busy working on stuff.
The good news now, is that I now have lots to show off!

And I do mean loads, lets start in chronological order. The legend of fail episode (15) I showed off last post is now finished.

Very happy with the new style of intro. Better then the quasi-self insert designs.

Turns out, regular high-ish definition artwork is a hell of a lot faster to animate then pixel stuff. So I also have episode 16 to show off also!

I’m going to make all the openings from now on have timing/jokes alongside the music.

So I’ve finally refined my Legend of fail formula down to a manageable workflow. I can get an episode made fairly quickly and I’m pleased with the results, I have the footage for 2 more episodes in waiting (still need to conceptualize openings) but they have been put on the back burner because I’ve spent all of this year creating content for a Dundee convention called Deecon. It’s a anime/videogames convention at Dundee university.

I’ve blogged about it before, but instead of parading around in silly outfits this time I’m going to try shilling my art instead.

Every place I go to like this is quite light on Sonic art, so I thought I would try and fill a void. And if it turns out there isn’t a market for that sort of thing. Oh well. Worth a shot.

I’ve created 4 large pieces for the main Sonic crew, and I still need to make some Zelda pieces too. Perhaps 2 more big ones with all four of the 4 swords links included. Less then a month to go to get it all done!

Fleetway, CD, Boom & Adventure Amy Rose.

These 4 character pieces will be sold on A3 posters. I’ll also be selling individual characters as smaller solo A5`s.

OVA, Boom, Adventure & a Fleetway/classic hybrid.

Individual thematic background for each one. Tried to get nice colour compositions.

Battle,Boom Classic & Adventure.

Difficult deciding which ones to use for all of these. Had to omit quite a few I would have liked such as the Sonic Riders aesthetic, realistic CG, Low Poly versions and Sonic X styles.

Boom, Classic, Fleetway and Adventure.

I’ve tried using the clashing styles to make these look as eye popping as possible. Hopefully lure a few buyers. If I don’t make much buck from the event, at least it’s an experience. Always wanted to try it.

There’s also one smaller treat for buyers, every purchase will net them a bonus sticker

Will be printed on small circular stickers.

And in-between the made rush to create content for Deecon, I also had a commission from my friend Jamie who wanted some assets for his youtube channel.

Took a lot of revisions to come up with something I liked. He has a sort of demented earthworm Jim style look to him.

It’s a Scottish chili pepper if it wasn’t clear enough.

And that’s the last of it for now! The next post will likely be after Deecon, I’ll have imaged of the stall in question and hopefully some progress on the next 2 episodes of Legend of Fail.




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