Q2 2017 Deecon special!

So since the beginning of this year, I’ve been creating content in preparation for a dundee geek festival called Deecon. Formerly d con, D-con if I remember correctly. Here are 2 of the pieces I’ve not had a chance to show off on here yet.

Portrait Link poster.

Landscape Link poster.

So just like the previously shown off Sonic posters, I have the big A3 posters, and small A5`s of each individual character.

Made little display tripod/easel like things out of card. The bigger A3`s were tricky to keep up.They did the job on a budget, but next time I think we`ll invest in some of those plastic cage display stand things.

The prints themselves came out very nice. Shiny and the colours were spot on.

Stickers too! also hella shiny and colourfull.

Some cardboard silhouettes to make our stall stand out and show off what we have to offer.

And our stall in question! Was a hugely positive experience. Learned a lot of things to do better next time, and met loads of cool people.

And that’s it for this post! Just a skinny rundown of Deecon and not much else. Next plans are 2 legend of fail episodes and unique opening animations. Aside from Deecon, we`re keeping our eyes open for a similar event at Abertay university to attend.



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