Flipnote Studio

the best software on the ds-i also happens to be the cheapest πŸ˜€

heres my page

for those not in the know,it’s a free downloadable software for the Nintendo ds-i which can be used to create small animations complete with sound and the ability to share them online.

i`ve been using it ever since it first came out,im a huge Nintendo enthusiast and I was an early adopter of the ds-i (i`ve owned every iteration to date, although i may skip the dsi-XL in favour of the 3D model coming out next year) only lately i`ve really got back into it though,i imagine my character animation class might have something to do with spurring my interest again.

the one factor this has over all other forms of animating though is that this is so damn impulsive,something as simple as doing my hair in the morning inspired me to create a piece.

the low resolution look was actually a plus in a certain way, for the horror game detailed in my entertainment design blog i created two videos of the monster from the game to be used in a monitor displaying a security camera feed, in one the monster bites the camera and in the other one it sulks past a hallway. to get the sounds for both of them I breathed heavily and then slowed it down πŸ˜‰

it`s by far the best reason to own a ds-i ( a close second to photo dojo) and being a killer app, there’s very little i can think that would improve it.

the online community connected to it its brilliant,it has an addictive star sharing element where users reward animations different colours of stars and then the receiving artist decides how to hoard/spend those earned stars.

i think in practise,the strongest use for it is testing elements i may want to incorporate in other software like adobe flash. nowadays i nearly always make a piece in flipnote before flash,to get keyframing and tweening timings right πŸ™‚ its quick and easy and beats having to redraw full resolution assets and change entire framerates.i only wish i could import the animations i make from the flipnote website straight onto my computer and make my animation method even quicker 😦 alas, it has no such function. or knowing the corporate machine it will be a feature reserved for subscribers.

anyways,hope you enjoy my little cartoons and keep checking the site to see whatever new ones i upload =D


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