Q2 2020

Another post already! Lockdown has been an excuse for me to draw a lot. I’ve been chewing thorugh all the random ideas I had jotted down to do someday. First up is my favourite character Bortus from the TV show `The Orville`

bortus final

He doesn’t technically have his artificial moustache and nicotine addiction in the same episode, but goddamn canon be damned. This mental image was too funny no to commit to drawing.

It’s a great show, reminds me of Star Trek the next generation. Hoping season 3 is a thing.

I’ve been trying to make more media/exposure from my drawings. Such as making timelapse videos, or streaming them. I need to first of all get a bigger desk and second monitor as doing it all on screen is a pain. But regarding that, I made a idle graphic for my twitch channel.

pause screen

Its a redraw of the `​Continue` screen from Sonic 1.

Speaking of which, I made a timelapse video of a big drawing I did recently.


The full size image and some zooms.

Fanart of the Last Story. A Wii game by Mistwalker, a team comprised of ex Final Fantasy developers. I was planning on making this as a piece for Kupocon, but after sinking 3 weeks into this, I don’t like how it came out so I wont be selling it as a print.

Work in progress images.

My other Kupocon idea was to make a lot of A6 sized prints of the Bravely Default characters in all their various job roles with a shared background.

back tattoo

Possible back tattoo idea. Good luck getting one done round about now though! Maybe in a few months.

final peng

Ever see that 90` film `The Crow`?

Okay, so this fanart needs some explaining. At the end of the Crow movie, I really enjoyed that epic fight on the church rooftop. And funnily enough, the antagonist was played by Michael Wincott, who also voices Death from the Darksiders series. So I though it would be cool to do a crossover piece in the style of the Crow comic books.

Work in progress shots.

And to cap it all off, it wouldn’t be a typical blog post without some more Sonic.

sonic strange png

Managed to hammer this out in 2 days. Felt refreshing to work on something small for a change.

So seeing the teleportation rings in the Sonic movie (the 2020 Hollywood one) reminded me of the ones in Doctor Strange. Hence this.

But I mixed it up, by drawing the OVA Movie sonic, and swapping out Strange’s medallion for a chaos emerald.

That’s it for now! sadly I have no legend of fail footage to work with at the moment. (could also be a while with the lockdown situation) but I have a big list of eclectic fanart to do, so who knows. I might squeeze in two blog posts in Q2 of this year.


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