Q3 2020

Wow! What a crap year am I right?

I ended up going back to work shortly after my last post, so this updates just going to be a jumbled assortment of projects. No more month long periods of time to sink into drawings.

Speaking of which! Let me first show off one of the best things I’ve ever done. I poured a lot of time and effort into a fanart drawing of Elma (true form) from Xenoblade Chronicles X.

She’s like a alien/elf hybrid. I always thought the design was damn cool, and always intended to do some fanart.

I created a animated GIF to show a timelapse of my working.

I sank an obscene amount of time into it, so please open up the full size image and check out some of the finer details šŸ™‚

In other news, I created stickers for my dad.

Nothing too exciting. But it is my original content. So it deserves to be dumped onto this blog.

But something a bit more alluring is a piece of fanart I have titled ‘Dancers’.

Its Shantae from the Shantae series by Wayforward games. And Primrose from Octopath Traveler. Both dancers in their respective universes.

The contrast in style is 100% intended. Just wanted to try something funky and unique.

And the drawing in progress. much easier to do than the previous fanart.

I supplied some (extremely rudimenrary) assets for a Team Tartan Paint gamejam. Heres the link for it.

It’s a top down stealth game where you have to steal test answers from other students. it’ s quite fun, but then again I would say that.

speed is the name of the game (not quality) when it comes to gamejam assets, so don’t stare at the graphics too closely or it may cause damage.

Been a long time, but I submitted another review to Crispysinger.

Heres the link for it.

In quick summary, its a great multiplayer game.

The Crispysinger website has had a big staff reshuffling and the frontend has been given a new lick of paint, so do check it out.

A new thing I’ve been learning to do is create fonts! I’ve been messing around with a software called Birdfont and I have 2 fonts to show off.

This is an attempted remake of the Final Fantasy 14 font.

I created this for use in asset creation for Akhmorning, which I’ll talk about a little later in this post.

And my own original font.

Here we have the black actual usable font file, and then larger decorative ones for illustrative purposes. This is intended for a top secret super cool project I may or not talk about in the future. I have every character made but I’m just gonna plonk a couple here. I do have bandwidth to worry about.

The car valet business ‘Outshine’ I worked on stuff for has used my art for a few products. And I gave thier business cards and flyers a touch up aswell.

If your ever in Banff and need your car cleaned, give him a shout. He does a fantastic job.

Speaking of physical goodies, I did some jacket designs for my Dad and some of his boating pals.

Learned a bit about printing spot colours while doing these.

And on the subject of printing. I helped produce a sticker sheet for the aforementioned Akhmorning.

Artwork is not my own. But I did have to tinker around with the assets a lot and learn about forme cutting guides. and wew lad, let me just say. after using Photoshop exclusively for the better part of a decade, I am RUSTY with vectors.

The stickers are goodies from the patreon. If you have any interest in Final Fantasy 14 then check it out.

Did this little cartoon for a co-workers stream/youtube channel.

Last Akhmorning thing. Did a edit of his logo as a cancer awareness variant.

Did yet another redesign on my tattoo idea. I think I’m happy with this one.

Doesnt get more random then that! quite an eclectic mix of artworks. The only projects I kind of have in the works at the moment are

  • Asset pack for unity. over 5000 items.
  • webcomic, in the conceptual stages
  • building a rig for legend of fail filming (last devembers filming got corrupted due to hardware)
  • Akhmorning chat overlay assets for steam/twitch


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