Q1 2020

Its still the first quarter of 2020, only just. Still counts!

I never managed to make a post last Q4, I was slowly working away on a drawing for my Dad. He wanted a drawing of my Grandparents at the family beach hut. I’ve been revising and reworking it slowly these past few months. Here’s some work in progress images.

The background and various revisions on it.

As you can probably tell, having a tough time drawing realistic faces. It’s been a good challenge though, and I’m super pleased of the progress I’ve made. The top two images are looking quite close.

It;s not quite done yet. I’ll post the final image once all done. But while waiting on feedback, I managed to crank out a brand new episode of legend of fail!

New opening inspired by `The Fly` and our excessive spammage of the teleporters.

I’m obviously a bit miffed about how slowly this series has been moving. (about 10+ years for one playthrough) and worst of all, we lost all of the footage we filmed in 2019. Which would have been the next 2 levels after this one. Which is a shame, because the first time playthroughs in which everything is new to us are always the most excistng and spontenious.

The episode here, was filmed at 2018. Our plan going forward is to build a PC rig just for filming and footage capture. We previously had a windows tablet which after being stepped on dozens of times was about as reliable as you’d expect.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Some exported animations from the opening.

I am chuffed with how the opening came out however. And I worked a lot on keeping the episode snappy and varied with visual gags and zooms. But my god, I’m going to be a geriatric by the time this game is done. Wew.

This wouldn’t be a typical blog post of mine, if i didn’t have at least one piece of fanart! Observe!

The world ends with you! Starring Neku and Shiki. One of my favourite RPG`s.

This was done as a sellable print for Kupocon in Glasgow this past February. I had intended to do 2 more pieces of Square-Enix related fanart (The last story and Bravely Default) but I’m currently struggling with those.

Our modest wee stall, and our 1920`s themed costumes for the evening ball. I’m Steiner, and Rebecca is Beatrix.

And that’s all for noo! Next post will likely be the final image of my Grandfolks, and I don’t actually know what else! My arty farty slate is kinda open since I’m no longer in a rush to get `The last story` drawing done. We have another art stall this weekend and I have a ton of ideas of course. Namely fanart of various scattered things.



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