2019 Q3

Happy third quarter everyone! Last time on Stew’s blog, I was just away to hit Deecon. And can indeed confirm, it was a blast. We sold a ton of prints and met loads of enthusiastic weebs/nerds etc.

The venue we were located in, was called Bonar hall. Now that’s big dick energy

We deffo want to go to more cons to shill our wares, but we’ve had a super busy year + managed to lose the display cages pictured. 2020 will be the year of the shill!

I played a 3DS game a while back called Miitopia, and its similar to Tomodachi life where you can place your custom miis as characters in the game. And it was bloody hilarious and a fun time, so I did some fanart for it.


See? I have friends!

I’ve also a collection of names + roles.

Having a bearded princess always gives me a chuckle. 

2 of my co-workers had good news at work, so me and some other brainstormed creative cards with in-jokes to congratulate them.

just assume that these are bloody hilarious if you get the references.

Me and one of my other pals were experimenting with an acrylic aesthetic in photoshop. Here are some of the results.

assorted apes. 

Saved the best for last. Another 3DS game i played in its twilight year was Ever Oasis. A town building RPG from the designer of Secret of Mana. It had amazing character designs and a comfy Arabian aesthetic, so I wanted to do a piece for it.

ever oasis scene final render

Copied the style of the games box art. As best i could anyway.

Here’s some more close ups of the crew. Since they’re just do damn cool looking.


Not much arty stuff upcoming for the foreseeable future. In a bit of a art slump with some IRL things, doubtful I`ll have enough content for a Q4 post, but perhaps I’ll get 2020 off on a positive note.


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