2019 Q2

Deecon is happening tomorrow! Here’s a big asset dump before the big day.

eggman montage

Eggmen montage!

And here’s the 4 eggy boys on their own.

It’s hard to pick a favourite. 

And aside from sonic prints, I also got 2 new episodes of legend of fail made. Here’s animations from episode 18

Easier one to make.

And here’s the actual episode. Super happy with how it came out.

Dungeons are always the most stressful

And one random aside, I worked on a t-shirt design for an upcoming stag doo.

t shirt

Its a in-joke

I landed a commission aswell for a car valet business. Facebook assets, business card and flyer.

pretty standard fare. legibility was the top priority. kept flashiness to a minimum.

Episode 19 of Legend Of Fail has the most expansive animation by far. Behold.

bombs are such a versatile gag prop.

And signing this blog post off, with some preview snaps of the stall tomorrow.


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