2019 Q1

Hello blog! Been a while.

Last time, I finished off all the Shadow drawings for 2019’s Deecon. And now I’ve got all 4 of the Metal Sonic’s done so time so show off!


Realistic-ish, render style Metal Sonic. Modern/Boom proportions.

Most pleased with how the shoes look. The more I stare at this, the more I think the eyes are lopsided. Anyway! Moving on!

uekawa final

Uekawa/Adventure style.

Now this one was a task and a half. There’s about 2 pieces of official artwork in this style that I could find. So it took me a long time to get the base sketch looking just right. (a few months to be exact) Once that was done though, it was plain sailing for the rest of it.


Strange! Isn’t it?

OVA Metal Sonic from the awesome animated film. In Anime, the static shots of robots have a very distinct hyper shaded/gradient look to them, so I tried best to emulate that here. This bad boy was cranked out in about a week. The OVA design is thankfully simple.


One of the top fleetway baddies, alongside Super Sonic & Commander Brutus.

Emperor Metallix of the Brotherhood of Metallix. This lesser known Fleetway design is a unique take on the Chaotix final boss. I went overboard on the lineart to try and copy the traditional comic book look. Lot of fun drawing this one.

metal montage Metal Montage!

And here’s all the shiny boys posing together. The lightning background took a while to come up with but I’m super chuffed with it.

And as before, I’ll be selling the single Metals as A5 prints, and the montage as a A3 print.

So aside from Metal Sonic, I also worked on a entry for the Sonic The Comic website.

page 1 text

With text

page 1 textless


The applications are still ongoing as far as I’m aware so fingers crossed I hear back :X

Now for something that isn’t Sonic related. (oh my god right?) I worked on a calendar using my dads photos from the beach.

Not posting the text inners, no need.

And that’s it for now! Hopefully I’ll have a post up in the next few weeks showing off Some Eggman/Robotnik drawings. That’s gonna be a awesome set to do. So many great styles to pick from 🙂


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