Wow time to dust the cobwebs off this place.
Last post was Deecon shilling back in 2017. I’ve reeeally slowed down since then sadly. Full time job etc.

But I do have some meat to show of so lets begin! First up ~ I made a custom sticker pack for Telegram!


Free of course!

I painstakingly watched through every episode of the old cartoon show (AOSTH) and cropped Robotniks best moments. Of which there is many. For Telegram users the link is here.

And on a more substantial note, I produced a new episode of legend of fail!

It was fun syncing up the sound effects with the visuals.

This is as far as I’ve gotten with the series. I have a recording for the next level, but need to animate the opening first.

Some smaller things I worked on this year, was some one shot illustrations of people’s pets, just to draw as gifts for them.



Drawing the long hair was fun, but I kinda derped on the face.

helen dogs

Doing short hair was pretty tough. Thankfully I had 2 attempts to get it right here.


And last one, not so much a pet as just a wildlife study. Highland cows are actually on the outskirts of my city!

Most recently, I’ve been trying to bolster my fanart portfolio for future cons. Planning on printing out some more Sonic character prints in the same style as before. Four in different aesthetics on individual A5 prints, with a big A3 poster combining all four of them. I’m planning on doing Metal Sonic & Eggman and I’ve just of this week finished off all the Shadows!


The Sonic Battle aesthetic. The deep purple outlines are nice and distinctive. Love working in this style, I managed to crank out this piece in a single sitting.


Soft shaded, no outlines, realistic-ish aesthetic. Tried to emulate the look of the opening cutscenes from the games. This one took the longest by far. Particularly like how the shoes and eye reflections came out. Background is a riff on the boxart from the titular game.


This is the iconic Uekawa look from the Adventure titles. Background is a homage to the Adventure 2 boxart. The pose is a lot less deformed then its inspiration. Adventure artwork typically has extremely stylized proportions and perspective but I wanted to strike a balance.


Now this is a game I hadn’t drawn before and was keen to try. Sonic Riders. Hardest part was emulating the pencil lineart, but I think i got pretty close. It threw me off how simple I had to keep the colour and shading. 



And the completed montage poster.

I’ve still to get these printed out in physical form, I’ll complete the other 2 character sets before doing do.

And that’s everything from 2018 so far! Slow going as far as blog updates go. Next up is the Metal Sonic series, then Eggman. And hopefully a legend of fail episode in between. wish me luck! 🙂


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