pre-job crispyness

Okay, lets explain the stupid post title.

About to start a new job soon, so I’m making a post before the art output slows to a crawl, and most of it happens to be assets for crispysinger.


Jojo wanted his avatar on the crispysinger revised. so now he`s a big eared pessimist donning a balaclava. strange boy.drew faceHere’s the other addition to the team, Sigma. Younger lad, writes cracking reviews however.

house of cards textlessPreview image for an article Downbeat dave is writing about the downfall of triple A gaming. Hence the falling house of cards. I’m such a artsy edgelord.

witcher 3 textlessJay is working on a review of witcher 3. And since food is our `thing` i did a hunted steak chimera beastie.

That’s all the crispy stuff for now. next jobbie is a new background image for the front page, a subdued close up shot of various retro controllers. the current image is far too colorful/distracting.

Here, have some more sonic fanart.

teknounder-appreciated duck from the uk comics series.

And some more borderline furry artwork. drew a birthday image for my friends birthday of his character.

iain b ddayI like to take the piss in the nicest way possible.

last thing! I made a new twitter header image. I’m keeping my Youtube one as is, might even change the background color to red & white to fit the sites theme. But this twitter one will be blue.

twitter background 1I really should make up new characters sometime so i can expand on the cover images.

No gigantic projects/commisions in the works. Just continued input on crispysinger and some fanart images. Wish me luck on the new job!


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