rainbows forever launch blog

The game is now out on Kongregate! available to play in your web browser, as long as you have the newest version of unity player installed.


The game is also available from the google play store. It will run in your browser and most modern smartphones.

rainbows forever androidhttps://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.TeamTartanPaint.RainbowsForever&hl=en_GB

Phew! that’s the big launch of the game all over. now to show off some of the assets.

The team tartan logo went through a lot of iterations before we were fully satisfied with it. Here are some of the works in progress.

logo concepts logo sketchsAs you can see, lots of experimentation with pixel, paint and tartan until we struck a perfect balance. we feel the final version encapsulates our patriotism nicely 🙂

The promotional cover image (for use on facebook, youtube etc) for the company had some iterations also.

discography fb cover image 1 fb cover image 2And lastly, some fun animated gifs to look at!

3 clouds

The final cloud is a combination of the left & right one.cloud expressions face

This beast never ended up getting used </3cloud swirly

Final cloud. loops nicely methinks.

dual clouds rain fx 2 dual clouds rain fx

some cloud experiments.

Untitled-1The rain counter in the game.

And that’s everything! the final blog post regarding rainbows forever. Feels like I’m closing a big chapter in my life (melodramatic, i know) but in reality, I’m going to be shilling it to everyone until the end of time.

The rainbow-fest will never end!



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