Noir levels and edibles

Small post this time. Got a few commissions to show off, some lilypad rumble rumble gifs and crispy singer goodies.

So Mubeen from the design lab commissioned me for environments. black and white city streets, building interiors and rooftops. Here’s the conceptual sketches.

1 2 3 4 5 6 7And for the actual commissioned pieces, here they all are.

1 2 3 4 5 6 7They are all part of a sequential linear flow for a level. I’m looking forward to seeing it all in-engine!

And now some gifs from lilypad rumble.

pepper-fiery-colourice-cream-coldice-cream-meltice-cream-colourpepper-idle-colourwither-pepper-colourFood behaving in various ways. These will be used a indicators for the frogs internal stomach temperature. The game involves juggling food intake in some way.

milkshake button 1 milkshake button 2Some themed user interface buttons

cocktail glassesAnd some cocktail glasses. the glasses have a lot of modular layers so that any color drink can be generated and even the decorations on any glass. the food blender assets have the same trick, but I’m not gonna show those off just yet.

Created a new intro sequence for jays cripsy singer youtube channel. here’s some of the progress.

gif-preview1 gif-preview-6And here’s the final version in motion.

He’s planning a dying light review in the near future, here’s the image for it.

dying light titleStill waiting to do that big rainbows forever blog post. I’m not going to wait for the ios release, just as soon as the kongregate one is out i`ll make a post.

Bowiecubes second video is coming along, making a 2.0 intro sequence and the website is shaping up aswell, and I have another batch of commissions.

Be posting soon!


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