Crispy Singer plays & Bowiecube glitch plays

Recently I’ve been doing a lot on the Youtube front to get the two channels going. Content for Jay`s is at an all time high and Faisal`s was finally ready to debut. But before I dive into those, i`ll discuss other things first.

I madeΒ  an ambitious cover image for my Youtube banner encompassing all of my characters. I have an equally awe-inspiring idea for my twitter banner image, But that’s all in my head at the moment πŸ˜‰

channel art new highlightsI plan on adding more characters in the future.

Here are some of the progressions of the piece.

youtube channel art shadedstyle of shading I didn’t really channel artwithout sketch 1sketchy.

Now, for some commissioned goodness. I created logos for a fledgling taxi company in Ireland.

iterations originalsI’m VERY excited to see these in motion. I’ve been told they`ll be printed on the side of all their cabs.

The design lab in Birmingham which commissions me is starting work on another project. a noir themed game. Here’s an environment.

american bar scene 1Initial test.american bar scene 2Lineart laid out.american bar scene4Final version.

Some of the lineart is a bit clashing so next scene I do I will keep the style more cohesive, the client was very happy with it regardless.

Now onto the juicy stuff! lets talk about the Crispy Singer Youtube channel.

I’ve created a few thumbnail/title cards for the various games he’s covered.

cripsy isolationYou can see the thumbnail in action here.

finalSee his resident evil 2 promo trailer here.

mario kart thumbnail previewMe and Jay playing Mario kart 8 online

Aside from thumbnails, there some animations also. Here’s the opening sequence for the alien isolation playthrough.

alien openingSee the intro in action here.

I’ve been creating assets for upcoming `countdown` videos. Here’s an animation from it.

countdown animationKeep an eye out for his upcoming top 10 gameboy advance games video!

crispy singer straightVariant of the final logo design. shamelessly Sonic adventure inspired as we’re both massive Sonic geeks.

ending sequenceEnding animation sequence. yet to be implemented in a video.

muh dinnerAs you’ve probably noticed, I try to implement as much kingly goodness into the jay stuff as possible. he`s a mutual shared love πŸ˜‰

That’s all for jays stuff! I plan on making additions and improvements to his basic intro sequence.

Now onto Faisal’s Youtube project. Hereby title, Bowiecube glitch plays.

It’s finally ready to debut! after doing the frames for that intro for so long.

Here it is, first in hopefully a long and productive series. I did all the editing also. For that intro sequence, I plan on coloring it in, and adding in some more frames alongside some other effects. But after working on it for so damn long, I’m tempted to restart it and remake it more efficiently.

Here’s the promo thumbnail.

ass creed 4 thumbnailThe rapture in action.

Next game on the chopping block is payday 2. Hopefully it wont take me another few months to get it done πŸ˜‰

That’s all for now. next blog post will likely include more of the same, and HOPEFULLY rainbows forever will be launched!


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