Websites, Youtube collabs and gifs

Hey internet. Been quite busy since the last post. I kind of scrapped the retro website theme as it was being tricky to implement, plus HD art is so much easier to work with,especially with web limitations.

Here’s a big tasty preview of what the home page will look like.

home pagewas thinking about having an option to switch between the HD and retro version. would be a buttload of work for jay though.

you can check the progress at each page will have slight differences such as the colour scheme and position of the carts.

There’s lots of neat Easter eggs planned, such as all the various icons and stickers at the bottom having links embedded within them. The mega drive carts to the left are all based on iconic logos. see if you can figure em out 😉

It’s not all gloom and doom in the world of pixels however, I did take a stab at anti aliasing outlines.

sonic funa quickie light study I did for fun.

And I plan on incorporating retro animations into the site to give it some life and tie in the retro theme. I did a few revisions on my own personification.

idle-jumping-around idle-street-fighter

tried to go for a street fighter style idle animation, but I wasn’t really feeling it with these two.

jumpyThis is the final version I plan on using

I think i`ll have this greet the user on the home page. standing proudly beside the introductory text. Trying to think of other gifs to dot around the various pages.

email-baseThe icon on the `Contact` page. clicking it is obviously a hyperlink to send me an email.

I was thinking of having characters for each person in my `contacts` section to represent who I’m endorsing.

On the job front, I managed to land myself an art test for a company in Aberdeen. Here’s some of the assets I created.

people anim people notes pipe anim pipe notes salt anim wellbore notesstill waiting to hear back sadly.

Yet another wee side project I embarked upon, was helping conceptualize a website for DJ reviews/journalism. Here’s the most recent mock-up.

mock up4sadly this projects grinding to a halt. But working on websites is valuable experience regardless.

I’ve also had a hand in creating assets for the team tartan website and the rainbows forever page. Here are some of the mockups.

cat landing pagerainbows forever splash/landing pagehome landing pageteam tartan paint games landing/splash pagehome mock upskeleton mock-up of team tartan paint.

Made some tasty assets for the social media channels also. Still planning that huge launch post for the game. will have a developer commentary video and the games trailer which is looking very, very tasty.

Another little snippet I can show from the game is the company logo.

team tartan logo animation

managed to unify a lot of the important elements together.

And one last thing from the company, we’re working on the next game since the approval process is taking so long for rainbows forever. It’s a zuma inspired game where you create cocktails using different breeds of ants. dubbed lilypad rumble. here’s some concept art from it.

concepts1The bottom right logo is the current favorite.scene mockup1There’s fire and ice ants, and eating certain combos will give you beneficial cocktails to unleash. if they circle the entire lilypad and chew it up, you lose.

It’s still early days, and I’m mostly on the edge of my seat waiting for the trailer for our first game to get finished, but it’s such a joy to see things actually moving. would be a dream if this was a career prospect.

Now for my friend Jays stuff, he set up a youtube lets play channel called Crispy Singer plays. It’s still early days and he`s settling into a good rhythm between reviews, previews, commentary etc. but you should still check him out. I made promotional material for his playthrough of The Evil Within.

dinner within previewI realize me and him have an unhealthy fixation on Youtube poops.previewThe into scene for the evil within playthroughs.

Here’s a video where you can see some of my assets in question. at the start and end.

Think I plan on supplying assets for donkey kong country on the snes, or dragon age inquisition next.

That opening starting screen is going to be the base for the foreseeable future, and I’m constantly making improvements to it.

preview2redid some furniture, added consoles and more stickers. plan on fixing the hands & arms next.

SPEAKING of youtube collabs. I’m still working on Faisal’s glitch play series. here’s a preview of how the opening sequence is coming along.

faisal-glitch-playsI’ve been working on this for a very long time and it has a huge number of frames. was terrified it was going to look shoddy, but it actually animates quite nicely. ignore the shoddy gif quality, that’s just so it’s small enough to get uploaded.

There’s a big chunk of the intro left to do and I need to make logos and ending assets, but I’m really hyped to get this going 🙂

that’s everything for now! hopeful next time I post it`ll be to announce the launch of rainbows forever and to declare that the game was such a gigantic success that we’re opening up a games studio to live the dream and spread our Scottish sensibilities to the gaming populace /end sarcasm.


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