Marketing showcase

I’ve been working at Ferburn Engraving for about 3 months roughly and I’ve built up quite a lot of promotional content for them, along the lines of promotional email newsletters, Facebook imagery and banners for the website.

Not to mention stencils and re-purposed artwork. All artwork we receive needs to be optimised for engraving. the best way to do this is to scale it up to a large resolution and redraw it.


smaller lines and details can easily get lost in the engraving process. it’s a bit like using a paper stencil for spray-painting.

Apart from engraving, I also make content for the website and facebook. here are some logo samples for various aspects of the business.

ferburn logosAlong with the website, I create content for the facebook page. usually a promotional image every weekday detailing an item on sale/new in the store. here is the Christmas template I’m using at the moment.

christmas templatesSpeaking of Christmas, we have a lot of banners promoting Christmas gifts on the website, which we also re-purpose for use on the facebook.

xmas promotionsChristmas has been an especially prolific time for promotion, but I also created some content for Halloween and other goods.

misc bannersA lot of the banners you see are also repurposed for use in promotional e-zine newsletters we send out in bulk.

golf ezine

new years ezine

xmas ezine

curling ezine

facebook ezine


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