SharkJam!Mini Ludum Dare #46 Day 1

Reblogged with permission from Bowiecube. See the original post here.




Hi Faisal from Team Tartan Paint here to show the concept/ progress for our entry.

For this jam we have a 5 person team:

Stewart – UI/environment art

Rebecca – Character art

Zac – Programmer

Grant – Programmer

Me – Designer

The concept for the game is a loan shark simulator where you are a tiger shark that hands out loans to clients. You are given a target to meet each month from your boss (a Great White Shark). To meet these targets you must assess each clients story and assess if they can pay you back, to make sure of this you have Hammerhead shark goons to pay them visits.


The artists have been off to a great start today.

Character Art

Becca has been working on the character concepts and had some of the final line art done.


Great White Boss Shark Development

gr8 whyte

Hammerhead Goon Shark Development


Tiger Loan Shark Development

tiger shark

Environment/UI Art

Stewart has been working on the main game environment with some animations and has started work on menus


good stats base

options menu


Currently Zac and Grant have both been working on the behind the scenes mechanics in the game which are all pretty much done as male and female clients have names, stories and chances of repayment that are generated from a pool. The goons also have generated names, titles, stats as well as a small character info snippet.


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