2013 Recap

What an exciting year it’s been! so many gamejams, some employment and lots of random bits and bobs.

I’m no longer working at Ferburn Engraving and so my plan is to try and seek out some part time/commission employment. Perhaps moderating facebook pages for small businesses who need a hand creating digital content. or seeing if any rural towns have any folklore tales that want to be created in the same style as the mermaid of Lunan bay.

Recently however, me and team tartan paint just finished up `you had one job TURBO.` a turbo re-imagining of our previous game utilised for a charity gamejam. hear all about it below.

now with behind the scenes footage of the art behind the project!

the site which hosted the event can be found here. and the charity foundation itself can be found here.

charity front page

here we are near the top of the page. I assume that’s good? 😀

and the game is hosted on newgrounds and kongregate.

and regarding youtube, I finally sussed out the thumbnail system. I’m gonna go back and rework through my whole library, but here are some I’ve done so far.

thumbnail old game thumbnail kalipso thumbnailso since I did work at a glass engravers, sorting out Christmas presents was something of a no-brainer. here’s 2 of the set of 6 I have available to show off.

1522668_421918247939156_229359104_o 1504469_421918334605814_2118247764_o 1469796_793840050642225_396403727_n 1531834_793839790642251_219703567_n

and a few more mini accomplishments! my blog has now exceeded 10,000 views! I have proof!

10 k viewswhat do you mean that image could have been photoshopped? what’s photoshop? never heard of it.

and also, some of my older art got used on a friends website. he`s a website designer and a very lovely boy. check him out.



I figured out email signatures, and made a very greeny custom one with various links.

sig show offneed to change that title to ‘unemployed bum’ instead now

okay! that’s definitely everything! 😀 see you next year.


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