alleyways of rage

been reeeeally into streets of rage lately, so it`s spurred me on to make new bit.cops stuff. did some bog standard alleyway level assets. still trying to strike a blend between the *style* of retro, but not the limitations. I want to be able to deceive people’s eyes into thinking I had a limited colour palette *spoilers: Nope*


getting the car to look right at this angle was a pain in the arse. I think im gonna use the one on the right, will recolour it to look vaguely cop-ish later on. maybe plonk a siren down there aswell.

street xample

been sussing out spritesheets and modular assets a lot. got a lot of variants for floors and walls, but they still look distinctly samey, once i throw some crazy extras on top of them i.e graffiti and windows, it should break up the flow quite nicely.


speaking of assets, here’s some. the bigger objects are foreground assets that could close off the bottom of the level such as the fence. and plenty of hiding places for (smelly) baddies to jump out of.

and one last aside, i chored another awesome lineart from becca and shaded it and did a background.


srsly. more people need to play uprising.


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