Newgrounds update

im well and truley obsessed with gamejams now, and I`m chomping at the bit untill i have some game development to do again. but some things have happened in the meantime.

I made a wee bit of Nights fanart, cause i`m obsessed with the steam version of the original. lineart supplied by the lovely Bexio


it`s suitably garish just like the series, but I feel a bit apathetic about the picture. I think maybe the composition or colour of certain background elements don’t go together as well as they could have, regardless it`s done, and nights is still awesome.

the game we made during the last ludum dare event  actually turned out to be quite popular 🙂 there’s some videos of it on youtube (thanks for that 53XY83457, also catchy youtube username)  and the ludum entry has a lot of positive reviews.

I uploaded it to newgrounds (along with kallipso nikon) and it started showing up a lot in google and my blog had a lot more traffic.

turns out, there’s been a whole heap of shady flash game sites that have stolen it without permission. here’s a peek at some of the engrish abominations and derpy layouts.

scam 1

Fugly watermark


Tacky website


what is this i dont even


my first website tm

it`s a strange thing indeed. but thankfully the hyperlinks in the credits still work, hence my spike in traffic. that and it`s flattering in an odd way that people think our game is worth stealing?

as I mentioned, I recently updated my dormant newgrounds account with my animations and team tartan paints games and the response was highly positive. most of my submissions have thousands of views and lots of positive reviews. bit.cops made the 5th daily prize 🙂 now it has a permanent trophy of honour next to it which is very nice.


holding back the tears. i really want to revisit bit cops some day

ng 1

I am NOT used to those kinds of numbers 🙂 my youtube vids usually rake in a couple hundred tops

and my other videos made it onto the spotlight. mermaid of lunan bay made it into the top 10 that day.


wat love

Okay. last chunk of blawg. I finished my friend dans birthday drawing. had such a nightmare finding a good online store to get it printed and delivered.  the place I did end up using was a nuisance. they accepted my paypal payment before I sent the file for printing, and the file submission on their site conked out and kept spewing error reports. so I emailed them the photoshop file and png image and asked for it printed and sent. keep in mind, the shop is based in london. and im sending a print to Glasgow. and they email back asking “if I want to pick it up from their branch?”

silly people.

dan gift


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