ludumdare weekend jam 27 Day 1

entering a weekend long gamejam at ludumdare. the theme is “10 seconds”

Our rag tag ensemble this time consists of myself, Faisal and Bexio.

We`re down a programmer, but Faisal has been brute forcing his way with flash actionscript 3. Lots of swearing on that end, good fun. our game concept is a bizarre mish mash of warioware, trauma centre and music rhythm games. The goal is to revive your dying patient in a tight time limit. it`s a very simple idea but we`re going to add bucket loads of polish :) here`s stuff from our first days worth of work.

monitors more detailed patientconceptscreen2 pulse anim  clipboard lol monitors assets(click to view the animated GIFS. character art by Bexio)

We`re planning on having the patients skeleton flash whenever you cock-up the timing.and all the dialogue be delivered via a dr.cox/house hybrid

And of course, have some retina burning programmer art


and a demo

ludumdare original post here


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