Video and Arts

the last gamejam we did was so much fun, we decided to make a post wrap up video about it. you can categorise this as a postmortem/video timelapse aswell.

and did a few cheeky drawings as gifts for certain Peoples


birthday drawing for fabiene. playing a game with the cast of the indie game movie. obviously a dream scenario since no game exists which all of them would agree to play. easter eggs include the spastic assortment of games on the floor, and fabiene`s shoes bearing the colour scheme of his character `Blank`bexgift

gift drawing for the lovely Bexiodan gift

and a work in progress birthday drawing for dan. he really hates paris hilton it seems.reg adventure

and fanart of the regular show because why not. it`s awesome. I drew these two in the same style as the official art for the sonic adventure games. the logo is a park based riff of the games title logo aswell.


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