Ludumdare Gamejam Day 6

reposted with permission from Faisal(Bowiecube) from the ludumdare page


Hi guys Faisal (Team Leader/Designer) from Team Tartan Paint hear again to show you the progress for today.

Character Art

All of the character animations are fully done. Characters have walk cycle, death animations and attack animations, all roughly 6 frames each.

User Interface

Stu has been adding some finishing touches to the User Interface including a main background and new UI background as well as the additions of new arrows

arrows bg overlay ui bars arm health anim


Zac really took off today maintaining to start collating all the behind the scenes code together and getting the User Interface and game code to cooperate well enough to send information back and forwards without a hitch. He also managed to get combat working with health bars and the animations. The commander health is also working now. He is currently working on the AI and linking up the health of the bases with end conditions.

screenshot newest

heres the playable prototype for the day


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