Ludum Dare Gamejam day 5

reposted with permission from Faisal(Bowiecube) from the ludumdare page


Hi guys Faisal (Team Leader/Designer) from Team Tartan Paint hear again to show you the progress for today.

Character Art

Currently Jurgita has been working on animating characters, the walk cycles will be roughly 6 frames, as will the death and attack animations. The simple pixel style lends itself well to low frame animation.

frames showoffff

User Interface

Since Stewart has finished most of the environment art and has now moved on to finishing the User Interface. So far he has been able to produce more instruction screens and a new pause button, with rollover and click variations. And some buttons for the title screen.

pause click

A few more instructions screens have been created detailing the various units and user interface elements

fire units 1 nature units 1 advanced element hierarchy combat modifiers 2 water units 1

I have also been working on the Main menu which now lets you see the credits and has a bonus screen, which will contain some unused assets and concept art.

There is a splash screen for the title in the works, but that’s categorised under `polish` if we have enough time.

Heres a sneak peek at the health animation, a crumbling statue of a gods arm. The final version will have animated crumbling dust

arm health anim


Zac has been working on more behind the scenes formulas for the combat and currently has combat play out.

Though some tweaks will have to be made to enhance collision and insert animation.

newest prototype


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