Ludumdare Gamejam Day 7

reposted with permission from Faisal(Bowiecube) from the ludumdare page


Hi guys Faisal (Team Leader/Designer) from Team Tartan Paint hear again to show you our progress before the final changes that will be made for tomorrow

Character Art

Currently Jurgita is working on a polished Title screen for the game.

Title_Screen_08 Title_Screen_09


Currently the sound is providing a lot of challenges as need to change the volume seems to interfere and lag certain functions such as despawning units so it is likely that there will not be fighting sounds in the final version but the music still works and sound very good.

User Interface

Stewart has currently added some finishing touches to the User Interface with the addition of the mute and fast forward buttons as well as some readjustment of the current layout. And is currently working on auras to show when a character is boosted by the environment.

fast forward rollover volume buttonCredits Screen Game Over


Zacs has been progressing very well adding multilane combat as well as the death animations for characters. He has also managed to work out a basic enemy AI for spawning units though this is still being tweaked. He has also managed to program win and end conditions for the game.

Currently the game is almost finished just a few finishing touches before final submission.

Day 7 Prototype


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