Ludum Dare Gamejam day 4

reposted with permission from Faisal(Bowiecube) from the ludumdare page


Hi guys Faisal(Team Leader/Designer) here again to show you the progress for day 4.

Character Art

Unfortunately Jurgita was ill today so we haven’t made any progress towards the character development side.

Environment Art

Stewart has managed to finish all the tiles for the environment by creating both the home and enemy bases as well as adding some polish to some of the previous environment ones.


Today has involved a lot of work with Stewart on the User Interfaces firstly we worked on the spawn buttons giving them each 3 different images for 3 different states; inactive, mouse is over button, button is icon staticgreen icon rollovergreen icon click

The money icon has also been updated to a new image that also blinks every time money is added

coin static coin blink

Following this we then added icons to show the enemy health which is based on the number of commanders that they have left.

This shows the different states that the enemy health can be represented.

The enemy health works by first showing the player 3 closed doors

door closed

Once the player has made it to the enemy base they must choose a door in order to fight on of three commander types;  fire,water and nature.

Once a commander has been fought they will appear on the User interface to show the player whichblue door boss

Once a commander has been defeated their Health icon will change to a greyed out image. ( here are some variations/tests)

dead door var 2 dead door var 1 dead door var dead door blue door dead

Following this Icons and buttons for the menus were updated

Return Menu Arrows Setting

Finally the Menus Screens were updated and changed

pause screen instructions6 instructions5 instructions4 instructions3show off bases


a friend of ours (Sean Cairns) has also kindly agreed to supply to some audio for us.

Currently we have 2 different spawn sounds in game, though he has provided us with quite a few.


Finally Zac has been working on the code mostly on some behind the scenes coding and the formulas for attacking and damage though these have not been implemented yet.

He has also managed to plots paths for the enemies to follow towards the players base.


Day 4 prototype


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