Ludum Dare Gamejam day 3

reposted with permission from Faisal(Bowiecube) from the ludumdare page


Hi guys Faisal(Team Leader/Designer) here again to show you our progress for day 3 bit of a slow day for some of us but getting there.

Character Art

so far Jurgita has been working hard and managed to create our enemy units and is currently working on animating all the units.

Hydra_01 Minotaur_01 Arachne_01 Chimera_01 Cerberus_01
Environment Art

Stu has been Stu and whipped up the last of the tile assets so now we have almost all the environment done, he’s now moving on to finishing up objects around the edges and the User Interface

woods midbot to topleft var woods midbot to topright var woods midtop to botright woods topleft to botright woods botleft to topright woods botleft to botright woods topleft to topright woods vert trees1 trees3    instructions1instructions2

Currently I have been working on the sound interface, which has been painful but now we have a music slider that will change the volume of the music. The current place holder for the music is the Theme from the  1990 Ducktales game for Nintendo.

pic 1

Currently Zac has managed to finish adding the main environment tiles and program the path-finding along each path though only 1 is currently visible in the prototype.

pic 1.5

Through a combined effort we have also managed to combine the 2 different code together.

pic 2

map routes and UI


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