Ludum Dare gamejam day 2

reposted with permission from Faisal(Bowiecube) from the ludumdare page

i`ll put in some of my more recent assets at the bottom


Hi Faisal(Team Leader/Designer) from Team Tartan Paint here to give you a small update.

Character art

So far the artists have been working hard

and Jurgita has managed to produce some home units.

Prometeus_01 Poseidon_05 Gaya_02 Atlas_01

as well as some work on an enemy unit


Environment Art

Stewart has been working on the Environment tiles more currently he has managed to produce enough tiles and variations for 2 out of the 3 environments that are planned.

basic lava var 2 basic lava var 3 basic lava var 4 basic lava var 5 basic lava  basic lava var 4 lava vertlava botleft to toprightlava botleft to botright var

lava botmid to topright varlava midtop to botleftlava topmid to botright

Currently I’ve been working on programming and laying out the user interface.

its current spawns units on 2 different lanes, unit reset timer, gold values, warning for gold being to low, some instruction screens and a health indicator(the status if Zeus it should shatter bit by bit by clicking on it)

days 2 pic2

UI prototype


currently Zac our coder has been working on the getting the assets into the game and programming in the paths and path tiles. now the tiles along the path are randomized so all 3 paths are made with random tiles.

days 2 pic

Game prototype

thanks for reading and good luck to everyone else taking part in the jam hope we all have fun making these games.


as for myself, I got the water/beach tiles done.

watershowoffsthe water tiles are submerged/flooded paths, with some beaches.

tree showoffsand a good start on the final tree elemental tiles. experimented a lot to get trees that read well at the resolution. final versions have decorative flowers and shrubbery, and I hope to have the paths done tomorrow then I can start on user interfaces 😀 thanks for reading!


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