Life Drawings

these are the life drawings i did for the respective class in university.

I`ve had these sitting around for ages and not uploaded them yet, obviously too large to scan so i took some 16 megapixel sized photos and yet they still somehow came out blurry. ach weel.

there’s an eclectic mix here. some of them I got bored and added moustaches and the like, other were drawn using a bamboo cane with charcoal taped to the end, and some had mixed media, etc etc

and in no particular order, enjoy!

SAM_0723 SAM_0722 SAM_0721 SAM_0719 SAM_0718 SAM_0717 SAM_0716 SAM_0714 SAM_0712 SAM_0710 SAM_0709 SAM_0708 SAM_0705 SAM_0704 SAM_0702 SAM_0699 SAM_0698 SAM_0696 SAM_0694 SAM_0693 SAM_0691 SAM_0690 SAM_0688 SAM_0686 SAM_0684 SAM_0682 SAM_0680 SAM_0679 SAM_0678 SAM_0676 SAM_0673 SAM_0671 SAM_0670 SAM_0668 SAM_0667 SAM_0664 SAM_0663 SAM_0660 SAM_0659 SAM_0657 SAM_0654 SAM_0652


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