semester 2 delay ~ legend of fail

this stupid little side project has been eating up my valuable semester 2 time! well, i`ve only been in semester 2 for 3 days so far, but still. i get all hyper in the early stages, there’s so much concepts and designs to be made @__@

so glad the first video is all made, now i can get to work on my advanced animation and digital media practice work, (that`s just scratching the surface, still got group project work and another module that i`ve still to blog about, eek) semester 2 is gonna be quite a handful,much, much more to do then last year.

and yeah,for a bit of elaboration, this is going to be a video series chronicling me and 3 friends journey through a classic zelda game on the gamecube which has a very innovative multiplayer mode.

anyway! enjoy the video! hope it gets a chuckle from you and the second part should be online sometime this weekend!


goddamn video editing is compulsive, i got the second part done in the same day so i figure i`ll just stick it in this post as well.


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