Persuasive Narrative year 3

i – got – so – lucky!

as you’ve seen in the last post, i debuted my half baked idea for a youtube video series, the legend of fail.and then the very next day  i had my first lecture for persuasive narrative. and the requirement was to create a 10 minute filmed documentary *lightbulb* after some discussion with my tutor, turned out i was allowed to use legend of  fail as my subject piece 🙂 obviously im going to tailor fit it for the brief, which basically means it`s going to be more cohesive and polished. i`ve tried to implement at least one new upgrade per episode.

most notable changes would be the introduction animation and the interview transitions. episodes one and two had a very basic `Zelda` like scroll with various graphics on it (see the teaser image in the last post) and the interviews had no transition to speak of, they just zapped on screen.

but now i have very fitting gameboy borders and accompanying sound effects.  not to mention i got hold of a professional grade microphone from the uni library and figured out to get a 1080p video under 2 gig. woo! numbers! pity i cant find a HD camera anywhere, all the uni ones available are meek handheld ones.

the video plays inside the gameboy, pretty neat huh?

episode 5 is slowly in the works, there`s going to be a brand new intro,the one we have now is fine but it doesn’t suit the tone of the show so i`m going to film some brand new skits for it and have sillier music. maybe tingles theme or something equally as upbeat. and i`m planning on making the videos a lot shorter and the interviews more `to the point` if anyone’s ever seen the “two best friends play” series on machinima, it`s kind of like that. only our show has the players reactions on screen. always priceless whenever someone botches up a puzzle.

anyways, here are the tubed fruits of my labor! enjoy the lulz!


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