Video Bonanza

Lots of videos to embed and animated gifs to show off this blog post so expect plenty of browser slowdown!

First things first, I got the Mallo Mallow gamers intro sequence all done. Here’s what a 4 player one looks like in motion.


And here’s a couple of solo gifs.

andrew-blink andrew-progress-2

andrew finalThe final render of Andrew.

blake-progress-1 blake-progress-2

blake-progress-3(close to) final render of Blake.


ducky finalDucky final.

spencer-finalAnd the vertically challenged Spence.

Here’s their first video with the new intro in action.

Dat song

Variation of just the two guys here. I smartly set up the flash file so i can render different versions easily.

speaking of videos! the second episode of bowiecube glitch plays is unleashed, observe!

Very happy with how it came out.

The banter and reactions make this one a lot better. Not a whole lot of scope for real time narration during single player games however. Think next game on the list is either the tomb raider series or enslaved odyssey to the west.

Cripsy boy! I made some edits to the ending sequence of cripsysinger. I’ve included Ripley and Sebastian from jays longer lets play series running alongside him in the looping feet sonic style. check it out.

His videos are getting better by leaps and bounds.

Speaking of videos, I have footage for two episodes of legend of fail lying around, and I’m working on making an animated opening sequence for them first. Here’s a couple of work in progress gifs.

all-1all-2Each character has three different states depending on the lighting in the environment. This is turning out to be such a huge undertaking that i decided to make a video of the halfway point showing off the dynamic lighting technique.

making the background is gonna be fun.

Lots of extra effects to add in such as a dirt trail from bobby. sparks from Faisals’ bomb and rupees falling from the chest.


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