T-shirt designs and game stuffs

Since the last post, I’ve steadily been working on the sonic mega drive fan game and team tartan paints project double rainbow.

Plus I had a job interview for a clothing company way up north in Elgin called esquire clothing. I created various t-shirt designs for the purpose of the interview, but sadly they wont be taking me on.

Here’s the designs. It was fun learning how to do stencils properly.

HEART iwata rockman square yellow revised thrashed detailed danger goo eat shit fauna improved again


And here’s a series of lesser/WIP designs.

wreath biomechanical danger dont be a square fauna improved flora hit itCrushing disappointment aside, I had fun branching out in a new area of graphic design and Elgin was quite nice.

Onto happy times! and whats happier then a rainbow infused puzzle game. Here is the progression of the background art.

bg exampleswe’ve decided to go with a variant with plain black lines and shading.

shaded testHopefully it looks nice running on whatever native device the game appears on! i think there may be animation added later also.

One more sneak peek from the game, a glimpse at some of the UI assets (rain plays a big part in the gameplay)

fhr5tyhtyrhWill have lots more to show shortly. And onto trees! had a wee job from a mate to design tree graphics as an opaque graphic on a letterhead design.

treeeeeeeesAnd last thing to talk about. Sonic mega drive. I’ve been working on the background for it with the designer quite intensely. here’s the progression of it.

son bg son bgs 2And this is the newest version thus far.

progress 10currently stumped on how to make a decent looking sparkling animation for the water, but i`ll work through it.

Also made a HD logo for promotional purposes.

hd logo 1SO shiny!

Okay, that’s all for now. thanks for reading! Next post I should actually have some legend of fail stuff to show and another secret video project 🙂



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