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So being the gigantic sonic fan/nerd that I am, I’ve always wanted to get involved in the sonic fan game community. And thankfully the chance occurred when a member of the sonic retro forums named `Felik` made a post on tssz with a call to arms for people willing to help him on his latest project `Sonic mega collection`

He`s responsible for the rock solid fangame `Sonic Fusion` so this obviously isn’t a flash in the pan.

Here’s the initial reveal trailer.

Dat music. so good. I’ve played a build of the game, it’s every bit as good as it looks.

The first batch of assets I threw his way was some level sprites.

my level assetsNow, he was either extremely impressed with these or not, cause he immediately assigned me onto cutscene duty 😀 I was tasked with creating the opening sequence for the game. Here’s the first draft sketch I did.

title 1Even early on it was quite smooth, so I had a good foundation to iterate on.

title 3Here it is with color.

title 4Some of the sprites implemented. albeit early versions with less shading.

title5more sprites done.

title 6the majority of sprites, without panning.

sprite anim latestThis is the current version, but significantly rougher thanks to gif compression. expect beautiful full quality sprites in the released game.

I’m actually surprisingly pleased with how they came out, Felik was great with his feedback and he pushed me to make them just perfect for the project. I adopted the color palette from the sonic 2 title screen but utilized a lot more shades. I’m all about the neo-retrosim after all.

sprite showcaseThe sonic boom hype train is in full motion for me, so I did some pieces to show my excitement.

sonic lineartposttpostttThe recent sports tape obsession taken to its natural conclusion. classic sonic in boom garb.

And a drawing with knuckles and Raphael also. cause knuckles redesign is so awesome,

tug tape lineartDon’t think I’ve drawn the ninja turtles since I was about 3, he was tricky to get right!

tug tape finalBeen watching a lot of that new turtles TV show. its amazing.

Did some Kid Icarus fanart as well. Just sketches to show at the moment.

pit in progress pittyThese are on hiatus for a while however, as i’m pressing to get the title screen animation done, and team tartan paint is kicking off again! Did some assets for a colorful take on the typical match 3 puzzle game. More updates to follow, thanks for reading!


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