Blachere Illumination

for the month of May I had a months employment at a company called Blachere illumination.

A Scottish branch of a worldwide firm responsible for christmas lights in towns and city’s and all kinds of other projects.


Linked here is their main french website where you can see their diverse range of lighting.

My job title was temporary graphic designer and despite only being there for a short while, I learned a lot of invaluable info. seeing the graphic design pipeline in a worldwide company was very insightful.

A lot of the job was focused on admin duties such as processing design requests and logging design specifications. I’ve detailed the technical skills attained on my CV.

Here I`ll be posting the visual work I did.

The majority of the image editing was turning photographs of streets into night and superimposing christmas lights into them, for client proposals.

Heres a few practise images

test 3 test 4 test 6 test 1 test 2Learned a few new tricks to create this effect. the curve tool is good for the nighttime lighting, and the `feather` selection tool is a great way to crop out pesky foliage and smaller details.

Another set of scenes I edited involved revising and adding lighting for some Edinburgh streets.

Frederick-Street,-Hanover-Street-Castle-Street-Crossings-op1 Frederick-Street,-Hanover-Street-Castle-Street-Crossings-op2 George-Street-Crossings-modif George-Street-Crossings-op2 George-Street-Crossings-op3

the street lights were already existing assets, I just imposed them and adjusted the lighting in the scene.

I didn’t get the chance to create any original motifs in my time there but I got some practise toward it.

dot fill double tube sega logo texture fillwhat a shocker, me working with sega iconography 😉

the interesting thing about creating motifs, is that the tubing needs to be all one line. there is some double tube lines for certain design, but mostly the lineart for the design needs to be linear because that affects the pricing of the cabling.

there are lots of different materials for filling out the graphics aswell, such as dotted lights and tinsel with lights weaved in between.

aside from the predictable sega motifs, I did some preemptive Halloween ones for more practice.

witch frankenstein ghost pumpkinI also composed a few cover pages for proposals using company art assets.

st andrews copy motherwell shopping centre coverI also created prototype transverse motif designs, ones that stretch across roads attached from one building to another.

traditional practise 2 contemporary practise 1 modern practise 1 modern practise 2 traditional practise 1

Featured next are some business contact cards used internally within the company and clients. obviously contact details have been omitted, and sadly I forgot to keep the original photoshop files so I could show these designs off in their full glory.

mockups 2revisions 2And finally, a couple of brochure pages.

front revised 2 back revised 1And that’s it for now! hopefully the dreaded unemployment doesn’t last too much longer. I have two more blog posts in the work to show off commissions I did shortly before starting work, and some various fanarts and animation.


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