2014 progress report

Hello blog!

Last time we spoke, I was getting into a furious stupor thanks to Facebook’s customer support (or lack thereof) The broken fiddle is now live and you can peruse it here. However, there is still no word on the merging of the two other pages. I eventually gave up after nearly 2 months of waiting for an answer from Facebook. you can see a detailed rant of the situation in the screenshot.

Facebook have horrible user support

I’m amazed I was civil enough to hold back the swears

Regardless! money has been spent on the initial marketing of the page so I guess they win. jerks.

onto happier things, a website which has been a lot nicer to me lately has been YouTube.

I finally figured out how to upload thumbnails to videos (I know it sounds simple but trust me, it was like astrophysics back when I first made my account) here’s a collage of some of the fancier ones.

Youtube thumbnailsgod I wish I could make legend of fail episodes again. i still really want to make a broken fiddle variant on the Lunan bay style animation also.

and I also made some tidy new cover art for my channel. it comes up differently depending on what your browsing it on, but here’s the full size image.

coverI think you can only see it this size if you use YouTube on a television browser

I do like the color green a bit too much. although this has reminded me I need to update my twitter page background also.

Out of the batch of engraved glasses I made for my friends and family at christmas, I got a few more pics to show off now.

dadboat kelar glass side mumglass

Speaking of career developments, I had a job interview with the lovely people at Zapcoder. For the interview/art test of sorts, I created this fun little image.

zapcoderthis was my idea for a fun/creative/personalized use of the zapcoder app. a lil homebrew rpg with friends as characters.

They didn’t see fit to take me on, but the test did give me inspiration to keep making characters in the style. here’s the first draft thus far.

big pplz

once it’s completely done, I’ll upload each thumb individually as a resized image.

I have a second draft in the works thanks to popular demands and people wanting themselves rendered in the style, so I’ll be posting that once I get round to it.

quite an eclectic post thus far, I’m talking about a different subject every paragraph!

my good friend Jordan smith wanted some art for his website so I created a banner of him programming html like a hipster astronaut.

jay“for website design that’s out of this world”

It was just a silly wee thing I whipped up when I was in Banff (on a windows 98 computer using a mouse might I add) you can see it in its natural habitat as a banner here.

And onto another subject!

I am available for commission work on this website called people per hour. and I managed to sell an environment scene to a client. he needed a top down view of an ocean & islands for a kickstarter proposal. Here’s the image in question along with a pumpkin boat.

people per hour copy pumpkin large

he was very pleased with it 🙂 I look forward to seeing how his kickstarter pans out.

and now onto yet, ANOTHER subject. last one. promise.

Team tartan paint is kicking it up a gear. we submitted another gamejam game for the candy jam. follow the link to the site and read up on all the candy crush saga drama that’s befallen the industry as of late.

You can play our entry for the game here. We’ve still to make one of our usual YouTube videos for it, but if we do, I imagine it’ll be very short. my input was somewhat lackluster this time around, plus working in unity doesn’t leave incremental builds for us to show off the progression of development.

regardless, here are some screenshots.


what an average in-game screenshot looks like. a few things didn’t make it into the submission build so it looks a little barren, but blasting children with sweet themed weaponry is still a joy to behold.screen 1

the hauntingly satirical title screen courtesy of bexio.

and a couple of tilesets/gifs for your enjoyment.

bubble charge bubble girl candy assets fat kid rolling Untitled-1anti airas mentioned, we will have a video up for the game someday. but to summarise, it’s a tower defense where you have to repel children trying to eat your gingerbread house. also, the name of the game is a genius acronym.

speaking of team tartan paint, I’ve been working on a logo/animation for us. observe my progress.

bukkets logo load animwow, actually a hefty post, I could have sworn I did less work recently.

anyhoo, I look forward to sharing more in the upcoming months. thanks for reading!


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