week 3 start

third week already, not quite as much progress this weekend as id have liked. still at a standstill with my question and aim. i`m sure it`ll be resolved sometime during the week. still on edge about losing the original game focus to the horrors of social gaming.

probably doesn’t help that any work I have been doing this weekend has`nt been university related. well, guess sprite drawing could be qualified as practice based research, been trying to iterate my `buddy cop` concept further. thought up the name `bit cops` and I like it. watched some lethal weapon for inspiration but a lot of the haircuts and clothes don’t read well in pixel format. (mullets and football jackets namely)
so I`m still trying to cement the characters (somewhat) final style. once they’re made i could implement them into me and faisal`s urban streets game that has y-fronts man in it. they would fit the style so long as they have a cartoon edge to them.

i`m even less decided on this guys style.

just some practice sprites for the black cop. the sprite of a close up on his face would make for a cool symbol/icon. neither of the tops suit him, I think i`ll stick with the suit. he`s intended to be the humorless `stiff` of the duo. can’t really find a way to make him more contemporary. the mr T and shaved head aren’t really working for him. various shades might make an impression, i`ll experiment with them at some point.

i`ve been working on this guy more. want to get him finalised first.

after looking at these colours, think i`ll give him a grey top and blue jeans instead of vice versa.

this is other half. the `wild card` so to speak. he`s goig to be wearing predominantly blue. I want the two guys to have a red vs blue thing going on. obviously I can’t have the stiff wear the red top as it clashes with his personality but a red tie is a good enough compromise. I think the slicked back hair is kinda boring, i`m gonna go with the spiky one instead. it seems more videogame-like to me. initially tried mullets but they don’t read well in sprite form. and it really is`nt contemporary.

no uniform for him of course. he doesn’t play by the rules. just an open denim coat and jeans. and the quintessential cowboy boots, at least that`s what I think they’re called. I`m also debating whatever to give him a beard of not. could make the graphics a bit too busy, if i cant get it looking good, backup style is a plain goatee.

guess all I can do for this concept is to keep watching 80`s cop flicks and revise my designs some more

did some assets for my little Scottish action game concept, i`m thinking `patroit` sounds like a cool name, and it`s about time it should be associated with something other than america. maybe something-patriot or something-the-patriot.


turned my red lion character into an idle sprite. it was fun to make, idle animations are quite layer based whereas i`ve doen most of my sprite animations so far using frame by frame drawings. i`m keen to strike a good balance between the two for future practise.

next on his agenda is the animations for shooting the celtic fireball and slashing with his claws, should be fun.


this is the majestic haggis running like the carefree beast it is. I can picture this being an extremely stupid enemy for a game, like a grunt which blindly runs down hallways into your attacks. because honestly, how much survival instinct could bagpipes display.

last post (or the one before, i forget) I briefly mentioned a team fortress 2 demake that exists on the internet. turns out the author has all sorts of demake projects on his website! definitely going to be using that for references/inspiration and the such. also found out he made the tf2 game using yoyo games game maker, hopefully there`s a free trial kicking about for that somewhere.

speaking of team fortress! Halloween is only a month away, which means no cardboard is such from my creative clutches

demoman grenades on the left and the soldiers blackbox on the right. work in progress!



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