Grades and Videos

all my grades are in

Advanced vis B

Advanced interaction A

screenwriting C

Personal project B

Advanced animation C

Persuasive narrative B

Digital media practice C

Legend of fail  part 6 is up online!

removed the interviews for the meantime,episodes are a lot more accessible now with a shorter runtime and the quality of the interviews wasn’t up to par with the humor of the gameplay.

another video, is the full playthrough of the Disney princess game! royal quest.

for the audio narrative,me and my grandmother recorded pages and pages of rhymes and poems for the game, really fantastic stuff written by the team leader Dave. “will you answer Mulan`s call, up here on the great wall”

really fit the style of the game with my granny’s soft speaking voice 🙂

i always intended to post the kismet layout of my UDK level back from advanced interaction, and here it is 🙂

bit of a spaghetti mess no? anyone’s who`s ever used UDK will surely feel my angst.


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